Business Success

One of the biggest risks of running a franchise group is not being able to see the forest for the trees.

FranchiseTracka is the most powerful and robust risk management tool on the market.

It keeps track of important due dates and expiry dates across all levels of your franchise.

One of the biggest business risks and frustrations to franchises groups is the accountability of important activities like lease renewals, permit applications and govt/financial compliance.

FranchiseTracka keeps tracks of all business activities with a due date or expiry date – ranging from contracts, leases, insurance policies through to tax and employee visa compliance and licences.

Just ask the major franchise operation who lost a flagship store location because the franchisee did not renew the lease, or the bar/restaurant which found out the hard way the day before New Years Eve, their liquor licence had expired.

Empower employees or franchisees to action, securely file supporting documentation for easy reference, involve business advisors for comments and feedback and be notified if things aren’t on track.

The road to franchise success has far too many twists & turns to rely on spreadsheets or manual systems.


Keep track of accountability for important expiry dates and renewals.


Keep track of tax obligations, and compliance due dates.

PayrollTracka & VisaTracka

Keep track of certification renewals (first-aid, driver's licence etc), visa compliance and more.


Keep track of the expiry of all internet domains & SSL certificates used across your businesses.

No matter how complicated your structure,

FranchiseTracka keeps all crucial elements on track.

Licences & Permits
Finance & Lending
Lease Agreements
Business Identities
Domains & SSL
Rental Agreements
Passports & Visas
Tax Compliance
Intellectual Property
Vehicle Registrations
Home & Personal
Action Accountability

Empower employees and franchisees to action important business tasks.

Exception Reporting

Be notified when important tasks are not actioned and the business is exposed to risk.


Involve business advisors in the discussion with a record of comments & recommendations.

Document Retrieval

Keep all important documentation attached to the task for easy reference.

Use FranchiseTracka to:

Keep track of staff licences.

Do all of your contractors have current licences, permits and insurance requirements?

Use FranchiseTracka to:

Keep track of employee qualifications.

Keep up to date with training renewals to ensure all certification is up-to-date and your company meets its duty of care.

Use FranchiseTracka to:

Keep track of expiring leases, contracts and agreements.

Don't let important dates escape you. Staying on top of document renewals ensures it's always business as usual.

Use FranchiseTracka to:

Keep track of subscriptions, domains, SSL, permits and more.

Manual systems can lead to renewals being overlooked. FranchiseTracka ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

Use FranchiseTracka to:

Keep track of compliance obligations.

Ensure your business is fully compliant and avoid incurring any extra costs for your business.

Getting Your Franchise Group

On Track Is Easy

FranchiseTracka uses easy dashboards and notifications with custom views to suit your style of business.
View and edit information for specific organisation and user levels.

Easy Navigation

Easy to navigate tabs so all the information you need is just a click away.

Easy to use

See at a glance what’s outstanding on your dashboard. View how many items require action this week, this month and this quarter. One click to drill down or edit information for any item.

Maintain Focus

Lists your top tasks.

Manage Risk

The monthly forecast allows you to plan your workload, delegate actions assigned to you and navigate easily to any item requiring action within your business.


You design structure, users, access, privileges and visibility across the WHOLE group.

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